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Welcome to Takayama City
Welcome to Takayama City
Michihiro Kunishima
Takayama City Mayor
The people of Hida Takayama are grateful for the outpouring of concern for Japan from our friends around the world regarding the recent Tohoku earthquake. We offer our sincere condolences to all those affected by the crisis.

Tourists can visit Hida Takayama with peace of mind. Business at hotels, services at the Chubu (Nagoya), Kansai (Osaka), Toyama and Komatsu (Hokuriku) airports, and other transportation services are continuing as usual.
Various events are also going ahead as planned. We are confident that Hida Takayama will leave you completely charmed.

Hida Takayama is doing its utmost to assist relief efforts and restoration work in the disaster-stricken areas of Japanfs Tohoku region, sending supplies and dispatching personnel. Temporary housing is also being offered to disaster victims. While the city was fortunate not to be affected by the earthquake, we are committed to play a positive role in countrywide efforts to revive the region.

Please be assured that the levels of radioactive material recently detected in Hida Takayama have no adverse effects on human health.

We look forward to offering our warmest welcome to everyone visiting Hida Takayama.
Takayama City Footage
Takayama Festival in Spring taken on April 14 and 15, 2011

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Hida Satoyama Cycling
Ride on the mountain bike and explore everyday life of Hida
8-9 Nino-machi, Furukawa-cho, Hida-city, Gifu *1
by Phone:0577-73-5715